Want a Test Drive?
NormsClients.com/pagansmind is a prototype music site I created using my Content Management System. If you would like to review the CMS tools for this site, contact me using this form and I will email you a temporary username/password to gain access. This login info will allow you to add/change/delete text, images, mp3 files, youtube/myspace video embed code, etc. Don't worry... I will restore the database tables after you have finished your test drive.
CMS Programming
Tired of paying your web programmer every time you need to make an adjustment to the content on your website? Are you tired of waiting for your web programmer to post the updates you gave him/her? If you answered yes to either question, then you need to upgrade to a Content Management System (CMS) based website.

I can build you a site that is run entirely by my hand-coded Coldfusion CMS administration tools. After my initial setup, you control all the adding/adjusting of site content (text, images, audio and video). I provide you with the tools necessary to create new site sections & multi-column web pages that are driven by a dynamic drop down menu system. You also have complete control of the menu system. (Click the thumbnail image below to see the menu admin tool.)
Your initial site setup includes the installation of my CMS admin tools, mysql database tables, re-direction of your domain, and the overall CSS layout to match your design ideas. If you do not already have a website design, I can help you come up with one. Every page of your website will have a uniform, professional look and feel.

The only time you will need my assistance after the initial setup is when you feel it is time to adjust your overall CSS page layout design.
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