4/23/2012 - Launched this Past Weekend
2/9/2010 - = Amazing!
2/1/2010 - Launched Tonight
10/2/2009 - Purchase MP3 Downloads Directly From My Sites
9/26/2009 - Stratovarius and Pagan's Mind
News Archive

4/23/2012 - Launched this Past Weekend

Sorry for the lack of news postings as of late.

I have been cranking out new sites left and right for my new sales guy.

We finally released one of the major sites I have been working on at starkmedia with designers Jen and Kristy.

The site features a very complex product suite packages, product groups and products. Each of these are tied together in a manner must be seen to understand.

Check it out a

2/9/2010 - = Amazing!

This was a very well orchestrated project. We launched the brand new website,, on the exact same day they released their latest CD entitled Fury Rising.

This site looks fantastic! It is definitely my showcase website at the moment. Their CD artwork contained some interesting elements that I was able to work into the site's repeating background pattern.

I also created three animated GIF banner ads from the CD booklet elements to promote the release of their new CD and website.

Steve and Frank came up with some great feature requests that I had never thought of, such as adding the latest merch items tab on the home page, creating a lyrics page and a building out a brand new Flash Store embed object for their MySpace site. More on that later...

The guys were able to add many custom pages to their site, such as the Lyrics Page, and add them to the drop down menus themselves after a couple of phone calls explaining how to harness the power of my Content Management Admin tools. These tools are available on all the sites I host.

2/1/2010 - Launched Tonight

Sorry for the lack of news as of late.

This most certainly is not a sign of inactivity on my part! I have been cranking away on my website templates.

Marion Crane is a very active northern Florida based Alternative Hard Rock band. Their sound rides that line of being radio friendly without losing the interest of the metal fan. I am very much looking forward to their first full length release that is slated for release in March 2010.

Check them out at

10/2/2009 - Purchase MP3 Downloads Directly From My Sites

I have added the option of selling MP3 files to my Content Management Tools. The customer has the option of buying individual files or purchasing the entire CD + PDF download of the CD booklet. is now selling their two latest CD releases HERE.

Once the PayPal payment is received, the customer is directed to a download page containing the links to the files they purchased. When the customer downloads the file, it is logged into the database and the link is deactivated immediately preventing any illegal distribution of the link.

There is an admin tool available to the bands for reviewing each and every MP3 purchase. A convenient date filtering tool is available so you can track your sales from date A to date B. I will transfer each bands profits into their PayPal account on the 1st of each month.

The following sites have been setup to sell the 60 second 96kbs MP3 samples available on their Audio Samples page for the reasonable price of one cent each. Feel free to review this new feature on any of the following sites:

Hate Ammo | Todesbonden | Twelfth Gate | A.D.D. | Sacred Dawn

9/26/2009 - Stratovarius and Pagan's Mind

I have been longing to hear Timo Kotipelto for about 8 years now. Due to the turbulent relationships present in Stratovarius over the past 4 years, I had no idea if it would be his solo material or with Stratovarius.

Well, Timo Tolkki has officially quit Stratovarius and I got to see them in Addison, IL last night. I really enjoyed the show, but was sorely disappointed by the tiny stage and poor light show available at The Pyramid Club.

I also had the pleasure of listening to one of my favorite vocalists, Nils K. Rue, of Pagan's Mind. Their performance was fantastic and now I long to see these bands again at a properly equipped venue in the near future.

You can view the pics in my Photo Galleries section of my site.
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