Metalium - 10/12/09

I must admit that Metalium's first release: Millennium Metal - Chapter One plunged me head first into the world of Power Metal. I then sought out similar bands such as Nocturnal Rites, Tad Morose, Masterplan, Jorn, ARK, Kamelot, Brainstorm, Stratovarius, Primal Fear, and the list goes on... and on.

I really enjoyed creating this sharp looking website. All the new bells and whistles have been added to this one including a Maillist application and purchasing MP3 downloads directly from the site.

One nice feature of this site is that I added all eight Metalium releases to the discography section... including cover artwork, tracks, band line up and guest musicians. Clicking the discography links on the left menu of this discography page showcases the smooth jQuery page scrolling feature built into all of my sites.
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JulieWestlake - 8/21/09

Jeff Westlake comes up with some very challenging requests for my content management tools. He asked if I could create a CMS site that would look exactly like the current static html website

Click HERE to view the result.
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Wrath - 8/18/09

I grew up listening to Wrath in the late 80's. They are a strong power metal band based out of Waukegan, IL. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Wrath had reunited and I had the pleasure of photographing their performance in Kenosha this past April.

Gary was thrilled with the nice photos I provided him with for their myspace page. He called me up and we discussed their future plans for a new full length CD release. I mentioned to Gary that I would like to help them out with a new website. This discussion prompted me to start work on my Content Management System that runs this site and all the websites featured on this page.

The Wrath site is temporarily featuring artwork from their 1990 release entitle "Insane Society". Their live performance is based almost entirely upon this CD. I look forward to receiving new art files from their forthcoming release.
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TwelfthGate - 8/7/09

Twelfth Gate is a thrash/power metal band based out of Chicago. Rob Such, the bass player, is a good friend of mine that is one of the three guys responsible for CRJ Productions. CRJ have organized the last seven Chicago Powerfest metal festivals.

Twelfth Gate have released two CDs, and are in the midst of recording/producing their third. Aaron Broderick has recently replaced Scott Huffman as the lead vocalist. I look forward to hearing his impact on their forthcoming release.
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Bellevue Suite - 7/31/09

Bellevue Suite is a talented Milwaukee based hard rock band. I stumbled upon one of their shows at Liquor Sweets while catching a Judas Priest cover band named "The Hellion" with my friend Ray.

They recently released "Somewhere Along the Way" this past June. I think a brand new multi-language CMS based website would be exactly what they need to showcase their music and sell their three CD releases and merchandise.
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Todesbonden - 7/27/09

I created this multi-language website for an outstanding Celtic/Folk/Doom Metal band I discovered in St. Paul at the 2009 Flight of the Valkyries festival. You must listen to the three MP3 samples on the audio page to see how they pull off combining these three music genres.

The design of the site matches their latest release entitled "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest".
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Rott - 7/24/09

Ever think an entire website could be designed around a single 320x320 CD cover jpeg image? Well, this site was. I am amazed at how nice it turned out.
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FemaleMetalFest - 7/20/09

This site was built for the annual music festival Flight of the Valkyries. I was the official photographer this year and had the pleasure of shooting eight female fronted metal bands on July 27, 2009 in St. Paul, MN.

This site demonstrates the flexibility of my homemade CMS tool set. The band lineup pages were custom built without requiring any additional programming. I integrated the Swordlord Productions shopping application directly inside the website.

I also added each band as a discography entry and linked the uploaded MP3 samples to the individual bands.

If you can dream it up, I can build it for you.
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Hydrogyn - 7/19/09

Here is a multi-language website I created for the West Virginia based band Hydrogyn that I met in St. Paul at the 2009 Flight of the Valkyries festival. The design matches their latest release entitled "Deadly Passions".

Jeff Westlake asked if I could make the site accessible in different languages, as they have a strong Japanese following. A week later I managed to completely redesign every page of the site to incorporate the ability to be viewed in any language.
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Benedictum - 7/7/09

I was introduced to Benedictum when they played at Chicago Powerfest 2007. This was the first festival that I ever took pictures at. I was sporting my nifty 2 megapixel Sony DSC-S50. Oh yeah... concert pictures using a flash. I really enjoyed it and started saving up for a Cannon RebelXT.

I recently shot Benedictum again in St. Paul, MN. They headlined the Flight of the Valkyries festival. I created this site for them in hopes that they would opt for a much needed upgrade to their current website.
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A.D.D. - 7/5/09

A.D.D. is a Chicago based hard rock band that really impressed me with both their material and stage presence. I highly recommend you check out the very good streaming MP3 samples.

The site was created to blend seamlessly with their well designed MySpace page located HERE.

This site contains all of the features currently available in my content management system.
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Diamond Plate - 6/18/09

Here is a site I created for a very promising young thrash band I shot at Chicago Powerfest 2009 this past May.

Their MySpace page contained some nice images that I was able to rework into this website design.

One very nice feature of this site is that I was able to incorporate their shopping application directly into the site.
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Luna Mortis - 6/14/09

This is a nice looking website I built to match the band's MySpace page located HERE.

I had to do quite a bit of PhotoShop work to get the band image to fit properly inside the site's header section.
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WiszdomStone - 6/11/09

WiszdomStone is a power metal band from the out skirts of Milwaukee, WI. Ray, the guitarist and chief song writer is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. They released their first full length CD entitled "Rise" this past June.

The site was designed around the CD insert artwork files. I created and launched the site two days prior to their CD Release Party on June 13th.

I incorporated my recent multi-language tools into the website per Ray's request on July 26th. This will definitely help WiszdomStone's international presence.

When you purchase my CMS website solution, I will incorporate any new features that are developed... free of charge.
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